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Ruler Handle – Gypsy Gripper Large – Quilting Accessories


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Gypsy Gripper Ruler Handle – Large

The Original Gypsy Gripper ™


Has your hand ever slipped off your patchwork ruler or template, or your ruler moved, as you’re using a rotary cutter?  Of course it has!  The Gypsy Gripper is a great way of preventing accidents. 
Simply place the Gypsy Gripper onto your favourite patchwork ruler or template (both ends for a ruler and maybe one end for a smaller template with the other end on the fabric), press the suction cups to adhere to the ruler surface, then flip the levers to lock into place.  Now you can move the ruler quickly and easily hold it in the desired position for cutting.
Your “ruler hand” is up and away from the fabric and from the rotary cutter!  When you need to switch the Gypsy Gripper to another ruler, just flip the locking levers to release.
  • Attaches quickly at one end or both ends
  • Fits a variety of sizes needing a minimum of 4″ width
  • Allows complete control of your rulers
  • Reduces the risk of cut fingers
  • Lightweight 8ozs
  • Sculptured handle is ergonomically comfortable to use
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Travels from ruler to ruler

Gypsy Gripper Ruler Handle LARGE  - Quilting Accessories


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