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Rotary Blade Sharpener 45mm – Patchwork Quilting Notions


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Rotary Blade Sharpener 45mm




Dual 45mm Rotary Blade Sharpener - Patchwork


Don’t throw away those old blades!   Sharpen them, and use them again and again!   The Rotary Blade Sharpener is good for over a hundred sharpenings.

Directions on how to sharpen Rotary Cutter Blades, step by step:

  1. Remove blade from rotary cutter just as you would if you were going to replace the blade with a new one, being very careful not to touch the sides of the blade 
  2. Carefully place blade onto screw side of handle and join sides of handle together                 
  3. Place blade directly on black abrasive disk
  4. Turn blade just a few (2 or 3) complete rotations on black abrasive disk. Be sure to do this an equal number of turns on each side of blade to assure proper sharpening. When sharpening, rotate 1/2 turn, and then lift your thumb and fingers off of the tool and reposition your hand for the next 1/2 turn.  This will help to evenly distribute the pressure placed on the blade and sharpener. 

    Please note that the  white abrasive disk is to be used only to remove small burrs from your blade, such as when you have run over a pin, etc.    The white side should NOT be used to sharpen, but only to remove imperfections in the blade.  If you do have to use the white side, always use the black abrasive disk afterwards to complete the sharpening process

  5. When you have finished sharpening your blade, remove it from the sharpener, and replace in your rotary cutter…it’s that easy!
  6. The entire process, from start to finish,  takes just a couple of minutes.  You have saved money… have been environmentally friendly…..and you are ready to cut with your Rotary again. Experience has proven that Rotary Blades from all brands of Rotary Cutters can be sharpened 50 to 100 times! 




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