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Newfangled Piecing Fast & Easy – by Cathy Busch – Quilting Book


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Newfangled Piecing Fast & Easy

By Cathy Busch


Life is short! Use these four simple strategies to speed up the piecing process in a whole new way. Follow the no-nonsense advice of a quilter inspired by Yogi Berra, no less, down a different path (or two) to make piecing quilts faster. Use four simple strategies to cut down on how long it takes to sew the quilt top so you can have more time to either quilt the top or piece another one. Use 13 different construction techniques to make replacement units to speed the sewing along. Make any or all of the eleven fun quilt projects or take these new tools and find your own piecing bliss.

At the end of the book are a number of charts like Fraction Decimal Equivalents, Squares Per Fat Quarter (in sizes from 1” to 10”), Cutting Sizes for Side and Corner Setting Triangles (and the formula for figuring them) and Quilt Sizes.




Newfangled Piecing Fast & Easy  By Cathy Busch - Quilting Patchwork Book



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