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Make Modern Magazine Issue 1 - PDF Download - Modern Quilting

Make Modern Magazine Issue 1

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Welcome to the very first issue of Make Modern! We’re so glad you’ve joined us on this quilty journey as we bring the Australian (and international) modern quilting community together in Australia’s very first modern quilting magazine. For us, modern quilting is all about fun, fabric and friendship. We are huge fans of the modern quilting movement and consider ourselves to be modern quilters. This is not to say we don’t respect and admire the quilters who came before us in the history of quilting, or those who don’t share our interest in the modern genre – as far as we’re concerned, anyone who chooses to spend hours cutting up perfectly good fabric and sewing it back together into something even more amazing is pretty cool. As you read the magazine, you’ll discover we don’t take ourselves too seriously, though we take our craft very seriously. While we’re happy to stretch boundaries and bend the rules, we are all about doing your best work and growing as quilters. We believe that as artists none of us ever stop growing or developing, and you’re never too old or experienced to learn a new skill. That’s why we present a range of projects that use different techniques and cater to different skill levels – so you can find the right project for where you are now and where you want to be next. In each issue of you’ll find a variety of projects that appeal to the modern aesthetic. Whether you’re addicted to paper piecing, want to try triangle piecing, need a fast pre-cut project, want to try appliqué or need to use up that selvedge stash, there’s something for you in this issue. We’re also excited to bring you an interesting mix of articles in this (and every) issue. If you’re anything like us (and we suspect you are), you’ll appreciate meeting new quilters and bloggers, peaking into other people’s stash cupboards, hearing more about the latest trends and learning new skills. We hope you enjoy this first issue of MM as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

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