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Bee Keep DIY - Beeswax For Food Cloth - Beexwax Cloth DIY


Bee Keep DIY - Beeswax for Food Cloth




Replace single use food storage with BeeKeep, reusable & biodegradable food cloth.
A recipe inspired by ancient techniques in preserving, for the health of our environment & bodies.
Using the warmth from your hands, the cloth becomes malleable, allowing you to activate the sticky
qualities of the Pine Tree Resin. Pine Tree Resin & Jojoba Oil render the cloth anti-fungal, as the
Beeswax lend it’s anti-bacterial nature.
Shape them around bowls/breads/cheeses/sandwich/bunches of herbs & greens, half an avocado, the
end of your ginger etc.. Once refrigerated, your design will set, thoughtfully holding it’s shape & food.
Infuse your 100% Cotton fabrics with our blend to produce your own BeeKeeps at home.
To echo our ethos, we forage only :
Pure Beeswax sourced from Tasmanian beekeepers surplus
Organic Jojoba Oil
Pine Tree Resin
With care, each piece should last you at least 1 year. Wash in cool water with a natural


Beekeep DIY Beeswax for Food Cloth

DIY Beekeep Blend KIT
Pure Beeswax, Organic Jojoba Oil & Pine Tree Resin, when heated &
applied to cloth, transfers the anti-microbial qualities of beeswax & the
anti-fungal properties of the oil & Resin.
With our Beekeep blend, create beeswax wraps in the sizes and fabrics
to suit your home. We have developed this blend over time, encompassing
ancient methods of preservation & damning the age of single use
Each kit should treat about half a square meter of cloth, (enough to
make your own bread wrap, sandwich wraps for the family, & covers for
leftovers). The yield varies with the weight of the fabric, we recommend a
good quality quilting cotton.
1. Set oven to 100° C
2. Prepare fabric, make sure it‘s a 100% cotton (Synthetics will not
absorb wax medium).
3. Cut to size, use your bowls as a guide to consider how you might
use your beekeeps. Eg. cheese wrap.
4. Slowly & steadily grate your beeswax. Mind not to lose a nail!
6. Modestly sprinkle grated beeswax like you are dressing a pizza, keep
some aside aside for touch ups. Slide into the oven & observe.
7. Remove from oven when all the wax is liquid (2-3mins) and use the
paintbrush to spread the wax evenly.
*Repeat steps 6 & 7 until fabric is evenly saturated, add more wax as
needed, or mop up excess with your next piece.
8. Using tongs, remove from baking paper before it sets and hang to
9. Keep baking paper to catch excess wax and use again.

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